Lottery CX Summit 2024


Vienna, Austria
Tuesday, October 1 – Wednesday, October 2, 2024

Unveil the future of lotteries at the Lottery CX Summit 2024, a premier event dedicated to addressing the challenges faced by lotteries in today's rapidly changing landscape. Set against the backdrop of stiff competition from private operators, grey market lotteries, and numerous charities, the summit aims to provide a platform for lottery professionals to amplify their message and strategies. Join us in the picturesque city of Vienna on 
1 - 2 October 2024, for a convergence of global experts with the objective of reshaping the industry.

Experience a networking extravaganza on Day 1, starting at 5 PM, where you'll engage with industry leaders in a relaxed yet professional ambiance. Uncover potential collaborations, exchange ideas on tailored solutions, and 
gain fresh perspectives on the ever-evolving lottery landscape.

Day 2 ushers in a wealth of knowledge through insightful panel discussions led by industry experts. Delve into 
real case studies, innovative marketing solutions, and the impact of technology on the lottery sector. Engage in interactive discussions, absorb practical solutions, and emerge equipped to navigate the dynamic world of 
lotteries with success.

Don't miss this exclusive chance to be part of a collaborative environment where knowledge sharing, and 
innovation converge to shape the future of lotteries. Secure your spot now to ensure you're at the forefront of 
this industry-transforming event.

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