Financing Of i-Gaming Business – What Are The Options?


Healys LLP, Atrium Court, 15-17 Jockey's Fields, London, WC1R 4QR
Thursday, May 17, 2018, 8:30 – 11:30am

Financing for i-Gaming businesses is one of the most important considerations for successful operation and growth. What forms of financing are available to i-Gaming companies from start-ups to multinationals? Are banks interested in financing early stage i-Gaming companies? What are the best sources to find venture capital, angel investors and debt financing? What are the costs and advantages and disadvantages of different types of financing?  Is the market for obtaining financing currently more difficult than previous years? Has Brexit had an effect on funding?  What do investors look for operationally and structurally in i-gaming companies? What legal issues are faced in financing i-Gaming businesses, both for investors and companies?

Our panel of experts will address these issues and the effect on your business.

Moderator: Michael Caselli, Publisher, i-Gaming Business


Rob Heller, Co-Founder and CEO, Spectrum Gaming Capital
Melissa Blau, CEO, Veltyco Group Plc
David Schollenberger, Partner & Head of Gaming, Hotels  & Leisure, Healys LLP
Simon Collins, Founder, Gaming Realms Plc
Andrew Burnett, Partner, Burlywood Capital

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